DMC / Incoming

Triplaze helps you manage inventory as well as group travel, customers, and travel agents, while fully automating sales process, improving services ordering, managing accounts and providing comprehensive insights into your travel business.

Easily add travel products

Add travel products such as accommodation, packages, entrance tickets, excursions and other activities, transfers, rent-a-car, restaurants and much more.

Manage customers and travel agents

Keep records on customers and travel agents in the Triplaze. Use the White-Label feature showing the brand names of your travel agents.

Manage commission rules

Use markets to define commission rules for your travel agents. Assign as many travel agents as needed for a particular market.

Automate invoicing and confirmations

Upon receiving online or offline payments from customers Triplaze automatically sends invoices and vouchers to customers and confirmations to suppliers.

Ensure service delivery

Replace your Excel files with our operations module to ensure all travelers get the services they ordered. Get a centralized overview of all booked services and products. Quickly identify unconfirmed reservations.

Manage accounts receivable and payable

Manage customer and supplier payments and invoices. Stay on track with actual earnings, amounts owed, and debts.

Get paid faster

Automate payment reminders for customers and get paid faster. Significant improvement in money collection win rates. The simplest way to get your money sooner.

Customer and travel agent profitability

Use reports to identify customers or travel agents providing the greatest value and focus on growing sales with the most profitable ones!

Supplier performance reports

Get insights into revenue achieved for each supplier and renegotiate a better commission based on the sale results.